Coal-burning blast Furnace
  Vibrating Blast Drier
  Fixed Fluidizing-Bed Drier
  GWC Series Belt-type Air-through Dryer
  Rotating Cylinder Sieve
  Salt Washing, Iodizing and Refining Plant
  Vibrating Grading Sieve
  Opposite Roller Pulverizer
  Screw Salt-Washer
  Milling Salt-Washer
  Sprinkling Dust Remover
  Cyclone Seperator
  Countercurrent Washer
  Intermittent Inclined Plate Settler
  Screw Conveyer
  Screw Constant-weight Feeder
odine adding machine
With the agitation of the impeller-blades installed vertically, the liquid salt are intensively flushed and collided by washing liquid, which completely separates the dirty from the particles.
Major Technical Parameters
Model Production Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw) Dimensions(HL)
FJX-3 3 4 20001600
FJX-5 5 4 20001600
FJX-10 10 5.5 23001600
FJX-15 15 5.5 23001600
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