Coal-burning blast Furnace
  Vibrating Blast Drier
  Fixed Fluidizing-Bed Drier
  GWC Series Belt-type Air-through Dryer
  Rotating Cylinder Sieve
  Salt Washing, Iodizing and Refining Plant
  Vibrating Grading Sieve
  Opposite Roller Pulverizer
  Screw Salt-Washer
  Milling Salt-Washer
  Sprinkling Dust Remover
  Cyclone Seperator
  Countercurrent Washer
  Intermittent Inclined Plate Settler
  Screw Conveyer
  Screw Constant-weight Feeder
  RZD cubage-style iodine adding machine
A tilted cylinder sieve with an automatic screen-cleaning device is installed in the machine. It is easy to be replaced and convenient to keep the sieve pores unblocked. The machine has reliable performance, low energy consumption ability and high screen efficiency .Our Company provides different sizes of pore for different products according to your requirements.
Major Technical Parameters
Model Production Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw) Dimensions (HL)
FZS-3 3 3 10003000
FZS-5 5 4 11003000
FZS-10 10 4 13003000
FZS-15 15 5.5 15003000
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