Coal-burning blast Furnace
  Vibrating Blast Drier
  Fixed Fluidizing-Bed Drier
  GWC Series Belt-type Air-through Dryer
  Rotating Cylinder Sieve
  Salt Washing, Iodizing and Refining Plant
  Vibrating Grading Sieve
  Opposite Roller Pulverizer
  Screw Salt-Washer
  Milling Salt-Washer
  Sprinkling Dust Remover
  Cyclone Seperator
  Countercurrent Washer
  Intermittent Inclined Plate Settler
  Screw Conveyer
  Screw Constant-weight Feeder
  RZD cubage-style iodine adding machine
Beijing Taiweian Drying Equipment Technology Development Cooperation is a professional manufacture and has abundant technologies of the dryers and whole sets for producing salt. Referring to the advances technology from overseas and the practices, we have successfully exploited different throughput equipments of crushing and washing refined salt. We are exclusive special manufacture in China, possessing the top technology. We also can design and manufacture complete set of salt production equipment according to the requirement of customers. By using the advanced Four- Washing and Three-Shatter process, combining with the characteristics of Chinese raw salt, the material can be crushed with water and without water. Crushing methods, if are combined together with each other, can make the quality of the table salt meet the correlative National Standards. And the raw salt consumed least in China.
Major Technical Parameters
Item Annual Output (tons)
Production capacity 10,000 20,000 30,000 50,000 80,000 100,000
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