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Referring to the international advanced technology and experience, we have succeeded in exploiting specialized screen equipments C series of YGS, vibrating probability screen, which are dedicated to the salt industry. The equipments have advantages of distributing materials evenly, screening efficiently, producing quickly, full sealed, operating stably, and maintenance easily. And the screen pores are not easy to be blocked, too. It can produce different sizes of particle in one process. The equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is resistant to erosion and longworking life. It is the most advanced special screen equipment dedicated to the salt works in domestic. The screen pores, which are larger than the required screening particles, are classified into grades. Its comprised of frame, two vibrating motors and multi-layer overlapped screens, on which pores are smaller and smaller while the inclined degree is increasing progressively from top to bottom. The whole equipment is installing on one set of elastic elements. The screens are tracing with the vibrating motors at high frequency. As the materials are smaller than pores, they are disorganized quickly as soon as entering the screens, which reduce the possibility of blocking and improve the capability of unit screen area.
Major Technical Parameters
Item YGS-15 YGS-10 YGS-5
Production capacity (t/h) 15 10 5
Dimensions (m)
Weight (t) 5.0 4.2 3.0
Motor Power (kw) 3.72 3.02 2.22
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